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Rainbow Kiota, Blown Glass Ornament

Shipping: 7 days

Blown glass ornament. Rainbow colours on White base colours.

Every one is unique. I am a long time rainbow lover and just love how much everyone is enjoying them now too!

Dimensions: 6 x 18-19cm

Kiota, meaning nest in Swahilli (said: Kay-oh-ta), references my interest in African Weaver birds and their nests. Each nest is intricately woven often with a bulky main body leading up to a tapered connection to the tree. These tear drop forms can create what appears to be a tree full of baubles. They have a small collection of weaver birds at Chester Zoo that I have been visiting for years. I can’t wait to get back there again!

I am very effected by colour, so the colours in each batch of pieces develop uniquely and reflect what is influencing my palette at the time of making. Anything from somewhere I have been, to my mood when selecting the colours. I really don’t have a favourite colour and find it really hard to chose one. I love colours the most when they are working with and enhancing each other. Colour harmony really lifts me. I hope you enjoy them too. Gem x

UK P&P included (Royal Mail 2nd Class Signed for)

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